Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anime and Gaming

These two worlds have often met with one side or the other being severely left out or misunderstood.  It seems as though gaming directors recognize the draw of anime-based video games; however, the execution of the final product tends to get blown apart by popular reviews.  For example, take the Naurto-themed brawlers such as Ultimate Ninja, Rise of a Ninja, The Broken Bond, Etc...  It seems as though there is a very strong fan base behind the titles and that is all well and good.  However, the problem seems to lie in the game development itself.  Ideas seems to not be wholly carried out or corners seem to be cut, in the end producing a not-so-amazing gaming experience.
So tell me.  What games of the anime genre have you played/enjoyed over the years and why?  Am I totally out of my mind thinking that anime gaming seems to be going nowhere?


  1. Great blog :3


  2. INSANELY HARD GAME! I cant even beat it on easy.
    Maybe its cause im not asian...

  3. Who would win in a fight man ? Goku, Ichigo or Naruto? and if you like Starcraft 2 man you should follow my blog :D